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I can only imagine what Pokemon sex toys would be nowadays...


Didn't watch but voted 5 b/c it had anime in the title

111122223188 responds:

that is hte logic of the future

lol, That was pretty stupid.
But funny nonetheless~


I really liked this flash. Turning Seuss into a "real" doctor was pulled off pretty well. And it was hella funny. The animation was pretty smooth also.

I'm giving this a "9" because the voice acting was a little... off, but that was pretty minor. I still loved it!


That's some pretty swell animation you got going on. It's Nice and fluid, although rather simple.

And I don't mind flash loops, as long it has something to back it up, (i.e, animation. funny etc.) and isn't totally retarded.

I really liked this! Keep at it!

Synonymous responds:

This guy "gets it". Thanks.

I can't believe i didn't review this yet...

It's awesome, to say the least. Both the action, and animation were top notch and then some. The story of tarboy is indeed a great one.

An amazing flash this was! One of the best on the site!

Great Animation

I truly adored this cartoon. The animation is on par with the Brakenwood shorts, which is a VERY good thing. I also adored the concept; It was funny, but not outrageous. The only drawbacks were well... it was a bit too short...and the voices were scratchy...but those are only monor complaints. This is a truly great flash.

how cute

I like the style of it. It's cute. And the ending was pretty surprising.

So here's a big fat 8/10 for you :)

You should make cartoons like this more often

I actually like this one. It was funny, pretty well animated, and entertaining. This flash really shows off your potential as an animator and is much better (at least, in my opinion) than the video game themed toons you are known for. Like I wrote, you should make cartoons like this more often.

Keep up the great work~

I said this once, I'll say it again.

This is why I admire you, rtil. Not only was this flash's animation in par with Adam Phillip's work, but you managed to make it much more appealing (at least, to me) than most of the brakenwood flashes. You're an amazing artist with so much talent, and with what i heard about your newer projects, which look even more stunning, I feel ever the more puny. if only, even if for a day, i were to have a smidgen of your sheer talent, i'd probably feel much happier...

...anyway, keep up the good work, and stay healthy.~

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