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vocational jibber jabber plus college stuff

Posted by PocketMista - March 20th, 2010

First off, I had a meeting with my counselors and mother yesterday. It was about my future and what i could do. The Big thing about the meeting was that I am hired to work on the design of a newsletter for the Jewish Community Center (JCC).

..Well technically, i wasn't "hired". In actuality, It's basically vocational training. You see, I went to this "family service" hoopla because I really screwed up during my high school years and now they want me to have "services" or some shit. They interviewed me, asking me about my likes and dislikes, what i like to do, my strengths and weaknesses etc. Then i left.

Even though this isn't technically a job, I think it's a pretty good start toward one! By September, I'll hopefully be able to get myself a job, so i can finally at long last earn money for the things i want to get! It starts next Tuesday and I'm pretty excited. :D

second things second. I've finally decided on my preliminary college course list. they go as follows:

ART-121: Basic Drawing I
ART-122: Basic Drawing II
ART-131: Painting I
ART-134: Life Drawing
ART-135: Life Drawing II
ART-136: Watercolor
ART-160: Two Dimensional Design
ART-165: Color: Theory and Practice
CGR-111: Computer Graphics Design I
CGR-112: Computer Graphics Design II
CGR-115: Digital Storytelling
CGR-213: Computer Graphics Design III
CGR-241: Computer Animation I
CGR-242: Computer Animation II
CGR-243: Computer Animation III
CGR-244: Special Effects
CGR-266: Comic Book Design
ENG-221: Creative Writing

Now mind you, these are only courses I want to take. It (of course) doesn't include required courses and prerequisites. As you can see, I want to take a lot of artsy-fartsy and computer classes.

This is a pretty exciting time in my life, and I hope to make the best of it! :D

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