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PocketMista's News

Posted by PocketMista - February 8th, 2012

Sup NG!
Whoa this Redesign looks hella badass.
imo this design looks better than the last design, by a long shot.
I also totally like the new categories. It's different :D

The rest of this entry is copied from my deviantART

I've been incredibly idle on the web for the past...what? 5 months?
uh... whoops!

Anyway, I've been lazy for the past five months, although I'm trying to find my path in life...
SPOILER: It's hard.

I WANTED to go back to School this January, But I don't have the money...
NO I DIDN'T SPEND IT ALL ON ANIME uh... Bills and shit

I'm also trying to find some kind of Job or something, so you know, I can attend school
and I'm still thinking about where to actually GO after Community College. Thinking about many different places.

So yeah... life's p. uneventful and shitty.


oh and here's a Stunfisk


Posted by PocketMista - November 9th, 2011

wtf is this place again?

Posted by PocketMista - February 17th, 2011

I've decided that I won't post any artwork on the internet, or write a journal for the next 8 months

In that time, I will be Trying my best to improve my drawing skills. I'll be spending almost all of my time drawing and learning to draw, so I won't post much either.

I mean, I'm going all out. I'm going to spend almost every single waking moment in creative thought.



Posted by PocketMista - February 1st, 2011

hell no

Posted by PocketMista - November 8th, 2010

laugh at me you little fucks

Posted by PocketMista - August 26th, 2010


Posted by PocketMista - June 14th, 2010

Modified from my dA

It's news post time. woo.

First off, the news... After applying online, I've got accepted into college! :D
I'm Majoring In Computer Graphics, but I think I can squeeze some drawing and animation classes in there. maybe I'll actually LEARN not to SUCK... as much as i do :\
anyway, this is a very good time for me now and I hope I learn a lot.

onto the next subject: My Computer has been abused for the lase 4 years now... so I bought a new one! It's a Dell Inspiron with a Intel Core i5 processor, 1000gb of hard drive, and 8gb of memory. I've already installed Flash and Photoshop and its STILL working like a snap!

Also, if I recall, I have yet to animate a flash for NG.. well...
1. I'm lazy
2. I have no Ideas
3. I Suck
yea that about sums it up...maybe I'll whip up something

this news post is DONE

Posted by PocketMista - May 30th, 2010


Posted by PocketMista - March 20th, 2010

First off, I had a meeting with my counselors and mother yesterday. It was about my future and what i could do. The Big thing about the meeting was that I am hired to work on the design of a newsletter for the Jewish Community Center (JCC).

..Well technically, i wasn't "hired". In actuality, It's basically vocational training. You see, I went to this "family service" hoopla because I really screwed up during my high school years and now they want me to have "services" or some shit. They interviewed me, asking me about my likes and dislikes, what i like to do, my strengths and weaknesses etc. Then i left.

Even though this isn't technically a job, I think it's a pretty good start toward one! By September, I'll hopefully be able to get myself a job, so i can finally at long last earn money for the things i want to get! It starts next Tuesday and I'm pretty excited. :D

second things second. I've finally decided on my preliminary college course list. they go as follows:

ART-121: Basic Drawing I
ART-122: Basic Drawing II
ART-131: Painting I
ART-134: Life Drawing
ART-135: Life Drawing II
ART-136: Watercolor
ART-160: Two Dimensional Design
ART-165: Color: Theory and Practice
CGR-111: Computer Graphics Design I
CGR-112: Computer Graphics Design II
CGR-115: Digital Storytelling
CGR-213: Computer Graphics Design III
CGR-241: Computer Animation I
CGR-242: Computer Animation II
CGR-243: Computer Animation III
CGR-244: Special Effects
CGR-266: Comic Book Design
ENG-221: Creative Writing

Now mind you, these are only courses I want to take. It (of course) doesn't include required courses and prerequisites. As you can see, I want to take a lot of artsy-fartsy and computer classes.

This is a pretty exciting time in my life, and I hope to make the best of it! :D

Posted by PocketMista - January 5th, 2010

Copied from my deviantART...


First of all Happy New Year, guys! I hope you had a safe one.

Christmas this year was great. I got all the stuff I wanted and then some. My brothers were happy with the stuff "Santa Clause" got them as well. I also got to visit my relatives on my father's side of the family, which is rare.

|For Christmas I got|
*A 12 Pack of Copic Markers
*Two Packs of Bristol board
*Street Fighter IV
*Pigma Micron Pens
*A USB flash drive
*New Super Mario Bros. Wii
*The Dragon Ball Z Season 1 DVD box set

It would of been nice if i'd also gotten A (LEGIT) copy of Adobe's Production Premium (Student discount, of course), but I Can wait until my birthday...

anyway, on to the next subject

I'm now in the second half of my senior year of High School. I have a lot to think about, because august will begin my first year of college. For College, I'm first going to a local community College known as Camden County College (CCC). After Finishing two years there, I might transfer to a four year school.

Why am i doing this, you ask? Well, it simple: When I in CCC, I'll take the Transfer courses in Art to learn basic techniques in drawing, composition, Painting, perspective, and any other thing I need to know. I will also try to take any graphic design, Computer graphics, General Computer Operation, and Writing classes to tweak my skills as a creative person. After I've graduated, I've learned enough skills, and when i think I'm good enough, I'll send my portfolio to an art college near me (like The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.) So basically I'm using community college as a place to increase my skills, even if by a small margin, enough to be accepted into an art college with animation courses.

Anyway I'll miss my bus see ya <3